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Weld Commisioner & Colorado State Senate Candidate Barbara Kirkmeyer Drawing Criticism For Political Mailing & Facebook Post

March 28, 2020

Current Weld County Commissioner and Colorado State Senate District 23 candidate Barbara Kirkmeyer is drawing criticism from various groups for her latest political mailing and facebook posts that has what people are calling “Anti-Semitic” & “Homophobic” overtones.

The post appeared on the Weld County GOP facebook page on the morning of March 18 and drew about 130 likes, however, it wasn’t until her political mailing started arriving at homes in the middle of last week did groups start to stand up and take notice.

The graphic depicts Governor Polis as a ship about to be hit by a torpedo that has Barbara Kirkmeyer on the Side. The Post read, ”As your State Senator, I’ll be Jared Polis’s worst nightmare.”

What has people upset is that when they take into account all of the imagery on the post and mailing they feel like they are viewing an anti-semitic and homophobic message. The art depicts Governor Polis with an oversized and out of proportion nose, the side of the boat has skull and crossbones painted on it and the ship’s name is the “SS” Polis.

To add insult to injury the boat is flying a pink windsock on the rear of the ship leaving the impression that the artists was taking a cheap shot at Polis being homosexual. All aviation windsocks whether on a ship or in an airport are mandated by the FAA to be either, orange, white, red, or a combination of those colors.

In an even more brazen move, the art has a huge windmill on the back of the “SS” Polis making it a wind-powered ship. Kirkmeyer’s own county is home to 3 Vestas Windmill factories, 2 in Brighton and 1 in Windsor. Vestas recently announced the hiring of 200 additional employees at the Brighton plan making it one of Weld County’s largest employers.

Kirkmeyer has never made it a secret she is a strong supporter of the Oil & Gas industries, but taking a cheap shot at a company that has consistently employed thousands of her constituents, has many in Weld questioning the quality of her decision making and leadership.

Several individuals took to the Weld GOP facebook page to protest the posting of the graphic and within 30 minutes of the first complaints the post was removed. The post was also removed from Kirkmeyer’s political facebook account but not before dozens of people emailed us screenshots.

Whatever conclusions you come to we can all agree the mailing and post were ill-timed and in extremely poor taste as Governor Jared Polis is receiving praise from both sides of the political aisle for his handling of the COVID-19 epidemic here in Colorado.


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