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Motor Vehicle | City and County of Denver

2020-06-19 07:00:58

We are excited to have our DMV phone line now open to help with the processing renewals, new registrations, and persons with disability placards. It looks like you all are excited about this too as we are experiencing exceptionally high call volume.

This is leading to us hitting our maximum number of inbound phone ports several times a day, which will cause you to get a system issue message, encouraging you to call back later and proceeding to disconnect the line. If you do get through you may also be experiencing long wait times. We know both of these situations are less than ideal, but please know we are doing our best to move quickly, while still ensuring each customer gets the assistance they need.

If you don't want to wait in the queue or call back later, check out several of our service offerings online at or and remember our grace period is still in effect.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we reopen or services. Thank you. 🙏

Motor Vehicle | City and County of Denver

The official website for the City and County of Denver's Motor Vehicle Division.

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