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Treasurer | Jefferson County, CO

2020-06-19 14:15:17

Property Tax Late Payment Interest to be Waived

HB20 -1421 was approved by the state legislature and signed by Governor Polis on June 14. This bill allows county treasurers to waive all interest on late property tax payments. Jefferson County Treasurer DiTullio will waive all late interest on tax payments through July 31, 2020. Waiving of late interest beyond July 31 will be evaluated based on property tax collections. If you would like to make multiple payments through July 31, please call 303-271-8330 for assistance.

Please Note:
Online payments that were previously accepted through our Treasurer Property Records Search Application are not an available option at this time. We are providing alternative options for paying any outstanding taxes due for 2019, payable 2020, to avoid late interest charges.

Get more information and see payment options at

Treasurer | Jefferson County, CO

The Jefferson County Treasurer's duties are to collect property taxes, invest funds, disburse money to cities and districts and act as county banker.

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