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The City of Lakewood understands that there are many members of the community th…

2020-06-19 16:44:59

The City of Lakewood understands that there are many members of the community that are interested and excited for the Quail Street Recycling Center to re-open. Given the new challenges presented by COVID-19 and a renewed need to address some longstanding issues, the re-opening of the Center is complex. The city’s number one priority is to provide a safe setting for both employees and customers. This has meant finding new ways to ensure that proper social distancing can be maintained at all times and developing better procedures and equipment for material handling. In addition to the challenges presented by COVID-19, the facility has also been experiencing increasing issues with contamination of materials and larger volumes of cardboard, both resulting in a need for more onsite staffing.

In an effort to address the challenges listed above, the city has been developing a reservation system, similar to those used at other recycling facilities in the area. The city is also in the process of hiring staff to help address some of these challenges. Though a specific re-opening date is not available at this time, staff is confident that one will be shared broadly in the coming days. This has been a challenging year at the Quail Street Recycling Center for many reasons and the city appreciates the community’s patience as the final steps are completed to once again be able to provide this service to the community.

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