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2020 SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS WINNER SPOTLIGHT: Recycled Mat-ters – Approximately…

2020-06-22 11:18:49

Recycled Mat-ters – Approximately 1,200 floor mats are thrown away each week in the metro area. Recycled Mat-ters has developed an innovative business model that diverts this waste from the landfill and creates an end market for the recycled material. Recycled Mat-ters is diverting approximately 100 mats destined for landfills per week and refurbishing or recycling them to give them a new life.

In addition to its innovative upcycling business model, Recycled Mat-ters is also providing hands-on training and work experience to Lakewood youth in the growing recycled product manufacturing sector. Currently, four high school students are working for the company. Not only does this on-the-job training help prepare youth for future jobs, but also demonstrates alternative behaviors to widespread consumerism.

Recycled Mat-ters is a business that embraces environmental, fiscal, and community sustainability, and it serves as a model for other businesses in Lakewood. Congratulations!

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