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2020 SUSTAINABILITY AWARD SPOTLIGHT: Ballmer Peak Distillery – Water Conservatio…

2020-06-23 13:16:38

2020 SUSTAINABILITY AWARD SPOTLIGHT: Ballmer Peak Distillery – Water Conservation & Waste Reduction

Through the reuse and storage of water used in the fermentation process and re-purposing of spent grain and molasses, Ballmer Peak Distillery is conserving more than 400,000 gallons of water and keeping more than 24,000 pounds of waste out of area landfills each year. These water conservation measures save Ballmer Peak more than $700 each year in utility bills, and the repurposed spent grain and dunder provide feed for a herd of mule deer, two flocks of Canada geese, 63 chickens, 12 turkeys, five raccoons, three pigeons, three goats, two miniature horses, and one llama.

The effort to minimize and re-purpose waste required securing a waste partner that would be interested in collecting the fermentation and distillation byproducts. Harvesting these solid, spent grains from equipment requires more manual labor by bagging and preparing the grain for pickup. Ballmer Peak’s current primary waste partner, Originative, provides educational opportunities to children ages 1-17 while also feeding the various flocks of birds and herds of animals mentioned previously.

Ballmer Peak Distillery’s efforts demonstrate how extra research and small investments can result in triple-bottom-line benefits that conserve resources, save money and support community partnerships.

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