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SCAM ALERT SATURDAY: WARRANT SCAM On July 29, 2020, an officer responded to a r…

2020-08-01 09:45:01


On July 29, 2020, an officer responded to a residence in the 21000 block of E. 40th Avenue on a report of a fraud incident. While there, the officer met with the victim who explained that he received a text message stating that he was involved in an investigation and that he needed to call the number provided to speak with someone. The victim called the number and the suspect answered and identified himself as an officer. The suspect provided a badge number, but did not say what agency he was with. The suspect went on to explain to the victim that he was listed in an investigation, provided a case number and claimed that in order to avoid arrest, he needed to transfer $1900 to the suspect. The suspect then guided the victim through a series of online money-transfer websites. After that transfer was completed, the suspect called the victim again and said that he needed more money. The suspect then instructed the victim to go to a bitcoin ATM and wired him an additional $2000. In addition to the funds, the suspect also asked for a photo of the victim's driver's license containing his current address; the victim complied. The victim then told a friend what happened and was informed by the friend that this is a common scam.

Friends, this is not how we do business. You cannot clear a warrant or bond over the phone and you cannot clear them with gift cards, pre-paid debit cards, electronic transfer or bitcoin transfers. We will also not call you to tell you that you have a warrant. If you get a call where someone is claiming you are wanted and that you can simply pay them and it will go away, hang up – it’s a scam.

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