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The next regular Town Council meeting is coming up Monday, Aug. 3. While the Tow…

2020-08-02 16:00:23

The next regular Town Council meeting is coming up Monday, Aug. 3. While the Town continues to conduct meetings in a hybrid in-person/virtual setting, members of the public may provide comment by following these directions:

General Public Comment — Town Council Meetings
The General Public Comment period held during Town Council Meetings is an opportunity for the public to provide comments on items that are NOT on the agenda. For the duration of time the Town is hosting virtual Town Council meetings, written public comments only will be accepted through an online form process on the Town’s website until 5 p.m. on the day of the regular Town Council Meeting. These written public comments will be provided to Town Council and will be included with the approved minutes of the Town Council Meeting. Comments received after the 5 p.m. deadline will be included in the next Town Council Meeting’s approved minutes. To submit a written General Public Comment, visit

Public Hearings — Town Council Meetings / Planning Commission Meetings
Public Hearings provide an opportunity for the public to comment on specific agenda items during both Town Council Meetings and Parker Planning Commission Meetings. While virtual meetings are being held amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town will accept live public comments via Zoom only. For more details about how to access these meetings via the Zoom app, visit the individual meeting event listing on the Town’s online calendar. These listings will include a hyperlink to your specific Zoom meeting, instructions on how to access the meeting by telephone, and how to participate in the Public Comment process.

Learn more about this process at

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