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Parent Tip Tuesday-Upcoming Parent Technology Webinars Last Thursday, Parker Po…

2020-08-04 14:09:37

Parent Tip Tuesday-Upcoming Parent Technology Webinars

Last Thursday, Parker Police Department School Resource Officer Essman conducted a virtual Parent Online Safety Class to teach parents about what’s new on the internet and what their children may be experiencing in the digital world. The class is still available on our Facebook page under videos if you weren’t able to watch the class on Thursday.

While Parent Tip Tuesday is designed to keep parents updated in short digestible articles, sometimes you may want more information on a single topic. Protect Young Eyes is a resource for parents to help create safer digital environments. They have a series of twelve webinars throughout the month of August for parents. Many of the topics we have discussed here on Parent Tip Tuesday, but these webinars will be in greater detail. Topics include: Gaming Addiction, Tik Tok, Social Media & Mental Health, Porn Viewing by Boys and Girls, Chromebook and more.

To see the full list of classes available and to register, please visit their website at

Parent Tip Tuesday is a weekly series where the Parker Police Department talks about an issue involving parents and children. Topics will range from the latest apps and technology to building resiliency in your children. Our goal is to give parents five minutes’ worth of information every week that is easily digestible and educate them about new issues that they or their children may face. Please comment below if there are topics that you would like to see us cover.

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