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CO-RESPONDER SUCCESS: CLINICIAN SMITH On the evening of August 11, 2020, Distri…

2020-08-30 18:57:38


On the evening of August 11, 2020, District 6 officers responded to the 700 block of Broadway Street on a report of a man who shattered the front doors to the building and then entered it. Upon entry, the man took a fire extinguisher and began discharging it on multiple floors. Then the man got on the elevator and destroyed the interior. The damage was so extensive to the elevator that it got stuck between floors. Responding officers began talking with the man through the doors of the elevator and discerned that he appeared to suffering from drug-induced paranoia. The combination of the man's mental state and the broken elevator created a tactical problem for the officers. The officers forced open the doors on the 8th floor, which provided them with about four feet of space with which they had to communicate with the man. After forcing open the doors, the officers were also able to assess the man's physical state, and found that he was bleeding from a large laceration on his face and had large shards of glass from the shattered front doors embedded in his chest. In his hands, the man had a knife and a metal place that he ripped off the elevator wall, and he alternated between a combative stance and self-threatening. Corporal Robert Smith was managing the scene and called for additional resources. That's when a Co-Responder Car arrived. The co-responding clinician was Emerald Smith. Corporal Smith consulted with Clinician Smith and asked that she take on the sole responsibility of being the officers' point of contact with the man in crisis. Clinician Smith readily agreed, establishing a rapport with the man and over the next hour and a half, talked him into relinquishing the knife, climbing out of the elevator and onto the waiting ambulance gurney. Because of Clinician Smith's efforts in this very chaotic situation, the man was able to get the help he needs without any further incident.

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