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In honor of #TeddyBearDay, we wanted to highlight our Deputy Hugs Bear Program. …

2020-09-09 19:00:05

In honor of #TeddyBearDay, we wanted to highlight our Deputy Hugs Bear Program. This project makes bears available to children at the time of a crime, injury, and or crisis. These bears (and most recently, stuffed cows) are standard equipment in every patrol car. When a deputy or detective contacts a child that has been traumatized, they can offer the bear for comfort and security.

This program is done in conjunction with County Sheriffs of Colorado We have had this successful bear program since 1987. The following are a few real examples of when children have received Deputy Hugs:

– a six year old that fell off her bike and broke her arm
– two boys ages 2 and 4, and a 5 year old girl whose father assaulted their mother
– a 2 year old girl in her car seat in a car crash; she was unharmed, but frightened
– a lost/missing 3 year old that followed her dog and didn't know her way home. She was frightened, Mom was terrified

Detective Pelle knows all about Deputy Hugs as he has been in a few of these situations, where he has given one to a child.

This bear is given to the child as a gift. Often, hugging the bear can help a child to feel safer, help to relieve anxiety, and sometime even dry tears. Please share our story. 💙

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