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Denver Elections |

2020-10-01 09:19:21

You have more safe, secure, and reliable ways to vote in Denver than ever before! In anticipation of high voter turnout, Denver Elections has expanded the number of vote centers in the City and County of Denver to 36. That’s 10 more than 2016, and 6 more than 2018! There are also numerous contactless vote options to take advantage of, either by dropping your ballot in one of our 38 24-Hour Ballot Drop-Off Boxes or by handing your ballot to one of our bipartisan teams at a drive-through ballot-drop-off. Find a location near you and make sure you are registered to vote at…/en/denver-elections-divison.html #Vote

Denver Elections |

The Denver Elections Division is your resource for voter information, candidate information, volunteer opportunities, and more. Visit us today and learn more about key issues or just find out where your nearest ballot drop off box is located. We are here to serve the citizens of the City and County….

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