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It’s been a hot one. This fall has been one of the warmest and driest seasons th…

2020-09-30 16:50:58

It’s been a hot one. This fall has been one of the warmest and driest seasons that we’ve seen in decades, and most of Colorado continues to be in a moderate to severe drought. However, when it comes to water, Castle Rock is in a good position. We’ve been planning for moments just like this for decades.

In the past, Castle Rock and many South Metro communities have relied primarily on groundwater that comes from 1,000 or more feet below ground. This nonrenewable source in the Denver Basin aquifer is becoming difficult and expensive to extract. We have made huge strides moving toward new supply sources. For instance, renewable water supplies like the water in creeks and rivers that is replenished each year from snow and rain. When these renewable supplies are impacted by drought, such as the dry spell we are currently experiencing, we can rely on imported water and stored water. Later this year, we will begin using one of our most economic and resilient supply sources, reuse water.

Reuse water is water that has been used in our homes and businesses, treated at a wastewater treatment facility to environmental standards, and then released into Plum Creek. We will pump this water out of the creek and take it to our drinking water purification facility where it will go through further purification to meet strictly regulated drinking water standards. Reuse water will constitute about 1/3 of our entire Town’s supply and is always available despite drought or growth.

Should the drought become endemic like it was in the early 2000s, Castle Rock also has stored water in Rueter-Hess and Chatfield reservoirs. We continue to have our groundwater supply which we will begin replenishing with purified imported water or excess purified renewable and reusable water. To be good stewards of our water, Castle Rock Water does encourage customers to be efficient with water use and conserve when appropriate. Conservation is considered a water supply as the less we use now, the less we have to purchase, pump and treat in the future.

Castle Rock Water is a leader in the water industry in terms of how we have been preparing for planned growth and changes in environmental conditions. We encourage our residents to learn more about our resilient water supply at

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