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Community Response Team Q&A Officer Trey Biles and Clinician Aisha Henry are th…

2020-10-05 12:23:22

Community Response Team Q&A

Officer Trey Biles and Clinician Aisha Henry are the Parker Police Department's Community Response Team (CRT) members. Our CRT focuses on residents and calls with potential mental health issues.
We are shooting a Q&A video with Aisha and Trey this week and will ask them your questions.

Please post your questions in the comments section below and watch our Facebook page on Saturday, October 10. We will post the video on World Mental Health Awareness day.

As the number of individuals facing mental health issues continues to increase throughout the country, we recognize the importance of treating these individuals compassionately that will better serve them and Parker. We are highlighting our training and programs that assist individuals with potential mental health concerns for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Community Response Teams are comprised of a specially trained law enforcement officer paired with a mental health clinician. CRT streamlines access to care for individuals caught in the proverbial "revolving door." The team uses a special medical clearance that treatment providers and insurance companies accept in place of an emergency room visit. CRT conducts follow-up visits to individuals who have been identified as high users of emergency services and can coordinate ongoing care.

Please visit our website for more information about our Community Response Team.

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