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Parent Tip Tuesday-Signs of Mental Health Issues Mental illness can be challeng…

2020-10-06 10:03:14

Parent Tip Tuesday-Signs of Mental Health Issues

Mental illness can be challenging to spot in your child. For Mental Illness Awareness Week, we want to share signs of mental illness that your child may be exhibiting. Recognizing these signs is the first step to treatment.

Some common disorders among children include Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Eating Disorders, Depression, PTSD, and Schizophrenia.

According to the Mayo Clinic, here are some of the signs of potential mental illness:

Persistent sadness — two or more weeks
Withdrawing from or avoiding social interactions
Hurting oneself or talking about hurting oneself
Talking about death or suicide
Outbursts or extreme irritability
Out-of-control behavior that can be harmful
Drastic changes in mood, behavior, or personality
Changes in eating habits
Loss of weight
Difficulty sleeping
Frequent headaches or stomachaches
Difficulty concentrating
Changes in academic performance
Avoiding or missing school

Talk to your child's friends, teachers, or other individuals and ask if they have noticed the change in your child's behavior. You should contact your physician if you suspect that your child may need mental health support.

Please visit the Mayo Clinic's Website for the complete article.…/mental-illness-in…/art-20046577

Parent Tip Tuesday is a weekly series where the Parker Police Department talks about an issue involving parents and children. Topics will range from the latest apps and technology to building resiliency in your children. Our goal is to give parents five minutes' worth of information every week to educate them about new issues their children may face. Please comment below if there are topics that you would like to see us cover.

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