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“Hi there. My name is Dave” This past week we received an email commending one …

2020-10-17 08:00:01

“Hi there. My name is Dave”

This past week we received an email commending one of our school resource officers for the caring way he responded to a student who was upset and we thought it was important to share with our community.

Deputy Bruening has worked as an SRO for about seven years and loves what he does. He’s also training one of our new SROs, Deputy Gallegos. A school employee shared this story with us after requesting his help.

“Deputy Bruening and Deputy Gallegos showed up and understood that I just needed them on the side; however, the student saw them and freaked out more. Deputy Bruening was so calm with the student and continued to say, ‘Hi there, my name is Dave,’” the employee wrote.

“His tone of voice and what he was saying was great as the student was seeing him more as a person and not someone who was a threat. Dave was GREAT with this student!! I am soooooo happy that he is training Deputy Gallegos to be an SRO as he is an incredible model of how to work with students. I have worked with some deputies that seem to not have worked with students before and maybe do not always understand that schools work differently than the outside world. Deputy Bruening seems to fully understand this and it is evident that he cares about students and the people he works with. I could not have asked for a better person to help me in that situation and I am so pleased that he is a mentor to another deputy. He is officially my all-time favorite SRO!”

Keep up the good work, Deputy Bruening. You continue to make us proud. Have a great weekend, JeffCo. We’ll be here if you need us.

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