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Few people, if anyone, understand the integrity of Colorado's electoral pro…

2020-11-18 09:58:43

Few people, if anyone, understand the integrity of Colorado's electoral processes better than former Secretary of State Wayne Williams. Take a moment to read his comments (re-posted from his Facebook account) below:

"Some folks have asked me about Colorado's voting systems. After an exhaustive administrative, legislative, and legal review, many Colorado counties began using the federally certified Dominion Voting System in 2016. Since its adoption, Dominion machines have been tested in 62 Colorado counties at least 807 times. They have passed every test.
First, each county in each election uses a bipartisan board to test the voting system prior to using it — that's a total of 455 pre-election Logic and Accuracy Tests in nine elections.
Second, in 2017 Colorado began conducting a Risk Limiting Audit after each election. In an RLA, bipartisan teams of judges in each county compare the cast vote record from the Dominion scanners to randomly selected paper ballots (with more actual ballots compared when the race is close). In the six elections since Colorado began RLAs, the Dominion Voting System has passed 352 times. (The other systems used in Colorado also have passed.) And Colorado is in the midst of conducting an RLA for the 2020 general election as well.
So, while I can't speak for the practices of every state (some of whom don't have the procedural protections and audits we do in Colorado), I can state that in Colorado the voting systems we use accurately record the votes of Coloradans — and we've proved it 807 times."
–Former Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams

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