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The Denver Area News delivers the real and local news to communities across Colorado through individual community news portals. Our hyperlocal news websites and hyperlocal web pages bring the news that the people want, and need on a daily basis, and at no cost to the reader. We provide the real local news from community sources, governmental agencies, local community reporters, and investigative articles from our news staff.

We are non-partisan, we do not allow fake news to appear on any of our sites, click-bait articles, fake salacious headlines, sponsored content, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, and advertising in the middle of articles are all not allowed as well. We allow a limited number of advertising banners per page and per website which are available to local businesses and organizations. We do not allow national advertising campaigns, ad network spots, or advertisements that we are not in direct control of the content displayed to you or your family.

Our community news portals do not employ tracking cookies, we never ask you to sign-up with your email to access our news sites, and we do not track what you read, and we never ask you for your personal information under any circumstances.

If you are interested in being a regular contributor then send us a message through the Contact Us form. 


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